Monday, August 29, 2005

Sprained ankle

I have been told that Dylan's "Insider" interview with Lara Spencer should are tomorrow night (Tuesday 30th August) at 7pm on channel CBS. I am not sure when it will air in Australia, but usually it's a few days later. Just found out Dylan is also in the "Women's day" and "New Idea" in Australia...Dylan started chemo today, all went well, no vomiting and he seems well. His ankle is a lot better and the doctors decided that it was not necessary to x-ray at this stage. The doctor said that after this round of chemo, Dylan will have scans done and then will start MIBG treatment at the end of September, but dates are still to be confirmed. Dylan's weight is now 16.4kg and his Urine markers have decreased slightly to VMA 31 HVA 32. The previous reading was VMA 39 HVA 39 approx 4 weeks ago, so this is a good sign - When he arrived in New York in January the reading was VMA 79 HVA 64.