Sunday, August 28, 2005

Round 12 chemo tomorrow

Dylan was in the backyard in Long Island this morning and he sprained his ankle. We have put a support bandage on it but he is hobbling around. Tomorrow Dylan starts his 12th round of chemo and the doctors will also check out his ankle. Dylan and I have made the decision to stay at the Ronald McDonald House when Tim and Cain leave on Wednesday. The last time they left, it was too traumatic waving goodbye at the airport and watching the plane take off, so we think this may be a bit better for both the kids this way. Thank you to everyone who has signed the guest book, it is so amazing to see all the support Dylan has. Every entry lifts our spirits and we read all of them daily. Due to a large amount of entries over the past week, the guest book has become corrupted, but Caringbridge are working on resolving the problem over the next few days. I have also noticed that a few people have donated to Caringbridge in Dylan’s honor, thank you so much. Caringbridge is wonderful, they provide us and many others with free web space and rely on donations to keep the websites running.

I just did a Google search on Dylan’s name and wow he has become really popular since meeting Nicole Kidman. It is great that Dylan is getting all this publicity and it is fantastic that Neuroblastoma is getting more awareness. I even found that Dylan is in an Irish and Indian newspaper and a whole heap of others in languages I could not understand, how incredibly fast news can travel! In reading all the media releases on the websites, I have discovered that a few sites and papers are claiming that Nicole has “promised” to bring Angelina to Dylan’s bedside. In all fairness to Nicole Kidman, she never made a promise to Dylan to bring Angelina Jolie to meet him. Nicole did say she would see what she could do to help make it happen as she does not know Angelina personally. Nicole is wonderful and we cannot speak more highly of her. What she has done for Dylan is amazing, I am so honored to have met her and I am very grateful that she agreed to allow the media to take photos of her with Dylan.

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