Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dylan in the magazines

I have just found out that Dylan features in "Who" magazine in Australia on page 32.

We are having a great time in Port Washington (Long Island) with Greg, Lynn & Thomas. The time is just going so fast now that Tim and Cain are leaving soon. Yesterday the magazine issues came out, Dylan features with a two page spread in US Magazine page 32/33 and a one page spread in People Magazine page 85, with a small snippet on page 4 that shows a different photo of Nicole with Dylan. Dylan was very excited that Angelina Jolie features in both the magazines and that she is on the front cover of the magazine that he is in! There was also a small article in “The Daily News” newspaper. Lynn drove Dylan and I to hospital yesterday morning for Dylan’s blood tests. On the way I received a call from ET (Entertainment Tonight) they were calling from LA and wanted to do an exclusive interview with Dylan! We agreed and explained that we could go to the studio after his hospital appointment. Dylan’s counts were great and he did not need any transfusions, so by 11:15am Time Square Studio’s sent a town car for us and also sent one to pick up Tim, Cain and Thomas from Port Washington. It was so exciting, we couldn’t believe we were in a television studio in the middle of Time Square in New York City!!! When we arrived, Dylan was given his own dressing room (just like the movies) and they sent up pizza and soda. I was whisked away to have my hair and make up done. I had a hairdresser and make up artist work on me at the same time, I felt like a movie star…very weird. They took us down to the Television set and we met Lara Spencer who is the host of “The Insider” and would be doing Dylan’s interview. They hooked us up with microphones and asked if we could walk across the road for ice-cream. It was very strange, with everyone staring at us and wondering who this kid was, and why did he have his own TV crew following him. When we returned we watched as Lara Spencer filmed her segments for the program and then she was ready for Dylan’s interview. Dylan sat on a tall deck chair, opposite Lara, while Tim and I stood behind him. Cain was not keen to get in on the action, so he stood with the crew and watched. Lara was so sweet to Dylan and it didn’t take long for him to relax. He chatted about his chicky babes, and about the fun he had with Nicole, and of course about how much he loves Angelina. I explained how the whole meeting with Nicole eventuated, from Hazen’s family, Team Continuum and to the article in the New York Post. I also was told that “Newscorp” made a donation of $25,000 to the Ronald McDonald House in NYC in Dylan’s honor (hope that mean’s we get the penthouse suite now – LOL) The Insider show is on CBC every night at 7pm in New York, but I think it will also be shown in Australia at some stage. I am not sure when Dylan’s interview will go on air, but they assured me that they would call to let me know and that it would be on sometime this week. I must go now, we are getting prepared for a BBQ here at Port Washington and meeting another Australian family who have lived here for 6 years, who contacted us as soon as they saw our article in the NY Post. Tomorrow we are heading down to “Eight Mile Creek” as a farewell get together for Tim and Cain and also a few birthday drinks for me. Dylan will start his 12th round of chemo on Monday for 5 consecutive days.