Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Dylans blood counts are rising

Due to high traffic on Dylan's website, I am experiencing some problems, but I am on the case and it should be looking good again soon.

Hi everyone. Wow, how amazing this week has been already. So many people from around the world have left messages on Dylan’s guest book, it’s just so wonderful to know we have so much support. We were in the Herald Sun newspaper in Australia again, and articles will hit the news stands here in New York on Friday in US magazine and People magazine. I can’t believe how many people have visited Dylan’s website in the past few days, I never in my wildest dreams would have thought our situation would lead us on such an amazing journey. The best part of all this publicity is that the word “Neuroblastoma” is out there and more awareness of pediatric cancer is being created. I feel a sense of achievement and that something good is coming of it all, apart from just helping Dylan. Here are a few links I have found with color pictures of Dylan and the family with Nicole Kidman.

Article about Dylan with Nicole:
MSN Weblink about Dylan with Nicole
Colour Picture of Dylan with Nicole:AOL Weblink
Colour Pictures of Dylan & the family with Nicole:Just Jared weblink

Dylan had his hospital visit on Monday and his blood tests showed that his platelets were only 9 so he needed a platelet transfusion. The good news is that his immune system is finally coming up and he is no longer neutropenic. This will be a great week for Dylan health wise. Next Monday Dylan will start his 12th round of chemo for 5 consecutive days. We have not done much this week, just hanging out at the Ronald McDonald House and spending quality time together as a family. We are all feeling a bit anxious knowing that by next Wednesday Cain and Tim will be on a plane back to Australia. I keep telling myself that it’s only going to be 3 months that we are apart, but I am still feeling knots in my stomach. I know Dylan and I will be fine, we just have to get back to our old routine of doing things on our own again. We will return to clinic on Thursday for a check up and then we will catch the train to Long Island and stay with the Maynard family until Sunday. It will be so great to get out of the city and have some Aussie BBQ’s in the backyard. The boys are really looking forward to playing with Thomas and catching fire fly’s.