Sunday, August 21, 2005

Dylan and Cain go on date to the movies with Nicole Kidman

I know you must all be hanging out to know how Dylan and Cain’s date went with Nicole. Sorry for the delay, I had no internet access over the weekend until now. Dylan had a hospital visit on Friday and his blood tests showed that he is neutropenic again and needed to start on GCSF injections for the weekend. Friday night, Dylan took himself to bed and said, I have to go to sleep early because I have to be rested for Nicole tomorrow, it was so cute. On Saturday, Dylan had his big date and it went really well. We agreed to let The New York Post and US Magazine run the story and meet for photos after the movie. Dylan did a telephone interview and I had to tell him not to let the media know what movie they were seeing. He asked me why and I explained that if they find out, the paparazzi may be waiting with lots of reporters and photographers outside the cinema and it could be scary. Dylan replied “well, if that’s what I have to do to get my cancer better, then I will”. Dylan knows that the media is necessary for us to continue to raise money so that we can pay for his treatments, and he now sees these times as part of getting himself better. We needed to contain a bit of discretion for the date, so that the afternoon didn’t turn into a paparazzi frenzy, so Nicole’s driver and PA picked up the boys and Nicole met them at the cinema to watch “The Dukes of Hazard”. After the movie, Nicole brought the boys back and the photos were taken. We had some time to chat and Dylan gave Nicole the photo that I had taken on Wednesday, it was signed “To Nicole love from Dylan”. Nicole thought it was so cute and her face lit up when he handed it to her. I still can’t get over how wonderful and down to earth Nicole is. She genuinely really enjoyed being with the boys and kept thanking us for letting her meet Dylan. Nicole gave the boys “War of the Worlds” hats signed by Tom Cruise and posters, after she learn how much Dylan liked the movie. Nicole told us that she wanted to keep in contact and that she would see Dylan again next time she came to New York later in the year. I think it is safe to say that Dylan really did win her heart on Saturday. We also had the opportunity to meet her son Connor, what a great kid. This morning the photo and article appeared on page 19 of The New York Post, I am unsure of the publication date of the US magazine article. This link is of the article but it does not show the beautiful photo: The New York Post It still seems so unbelievable and we keep having to pinch ourselves to make sure it’s not all a dream. This whole series of events was very unexpected, but then again so has the way this last 12 months has turned out. Last night ‘Cabin Fever” had another karaoke fund raiser and it was a really fun night. We had the chance to meet up with Darlene, Jodie and May visiting from Australia who are in New York for 4 days. They were so glad to spend some time with us after all the fund raising they have done back home, as they have never met Dylan until now. When we arrived at Cabin Fever, Dylan went straight onto Justine’s lap for the evening, playing with her long blonde hair, he is such a ladies man! There were lots of raffle prizes and auctions, and great singing. A huge thank you to Billy Marx for organizing the night, and of course to Gene and the staff at Cabin fever, Steve, Skye and everyone else that was involved in making the night such a success. Dylan woke this morning complaining of sore feet, it was really bothering him because he told me about it several times over a few hours. By lunch time it seemed to be fine. I know he has no disease in his feet, so I am hoping it is just a side effect of the GCSF. Tomorrow Dylan has a clinic visit and he will likely need a platelet transfusion. The 12th round of chemo is scheduled for next Monday the 29th August for 5 days.