Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dylan meets Nicole Kidman

There is a very cute Newspaper article about Dylan meeting Nicole published in Australia, it is his first front page article - visit: Hearld Sun and for the detailed article visit: Full Story

Dylan had a clinic visit this morning and the nurse told him he needed a platelet transfusion, Dylan said “Oh how long will that take? I have to meet someone today” The nurse said who do you have to meet Dylan, and Dylan quietly and as if it was no big deal, replied “Nicole Kidman”. At 4pm, Nicole Kidman and her daughter Bella visited Dylan at the Ronald McDonald House and spent an hour up in our room with us. Dylan was shy at first but after 10 minutes he started to chat with her. Dylan gave her a ring and told her she was now on his Ultimate chicky babe list. Dylan innocently chatted about the movies and mentioned how much he liked “War of the Worlds”. Nicole then told Dylan that Tom Cruise was Bella’s father and Dylan was amazed, he had no idea, it was something I didn’t think to tell Dylan. Anyway by the end of the visit, Nicole offered to take Dylan and Cain to the movies on Saturday…Can you believe Dylan has a date with Nicole Kidman!!! She will pick the boys up on Saturday while Tim and I have a few hours to ourselves. Nicole had a true Aussie accent which was great to hear, and she was so down to earth and lovely. Dylan told her how Angelina Jolie is also on his Ultimate chicky babe list and Nicole said she will see what she can do to help fulfill that wish. Wow, what an amazing afternoon. I asked Nicole how she found out about Dylan and she said that she was on her way to work and just happen to see the article in The New York Post, and she decided that she would like to meet Dylan. She also said she had visited Dylan’s website. Can you believe that Nicole kept thanking us for allowing her to visit Dylan! She really is a fantastic person.