Saturday, July 9, 2005

Team Continuum

Where do I start, how wonderful! Are you ready for the news? O.K a few days ago I received n email from the parents of Hazen This brave little guy also has Neuroblastoma and we met him and his family at MSKCC. The email I received said to call a man by the name of Paul Nicholls, and that he may be able to assist us in some way. So I called Paul after 9pm that night, not really knowing what to expect. Turns out that Paul, who has cancer himself, is a marathon runner and is a part of Team Continuum Paul went on to say that he should be able to raise enough frequent flyer miles to get Tim and Cain to New York in a few weeks. At 9am the next morning, Paul rang to say he had already raised enough points and that he would like to get Tim and Cain to New York by next weekend!!! I couldn’t believe my ears, I picked up Dylan and spun him around the room and said “see baby, your dream stone that you have under your pillow works!” Typical Dylan said “oh so that means I will get my other wish” I asked what it was and he said “A red convertible Ferrari” I replied well, that wish won’t come true until you are old enough for your driver’s license. Dylan is so excited, and is as shocked as what I am. When I emailed Tim, he said he couldn’t reply for 6 hours, because he was shaking and read the email 10 times before it sunk in. So today I met with Paul and his friend Chris, who is an Australian cancer survivor and athlete. They bought several gifts for Dylan and some FILA runners for me! I showed them all the media clippings about Dylan’s campaign and told them our story. Dylan charmed them in his usual manner and won their hearts immediately. There was even a period where Dylan had Paul and chris in a chorus singing "always look on the bright side of life!" Paul gave Dylan an official Team Continuum shirt and cap. Paul said he was in the process of getting the Pharmaceutical company that makes GCSF to donate the supply needed for Dylan as they sponsor Team continuum. Paul asked Dylan if he had another wish, apart from meeting Angelina Jolie, I cringed and Dylan piped up “A red convertible Ferrari” I started to laugh while I saw Paul pull out his cell phone from his pocket. After the phone conversation Paul said to Dylan “A red Ferrari spider will pick you up on Monday night at 7pm and drive you around Manhattan, but you can’t keep it, will that do?” Well my jaw almost hit the floor and Dylan nearly passed out with shock. Can you believe it, how does this kid do it? I am starting to think this dream stone really does work! I hope so because Dylan told me he also wished for a cure for Neuroblastoma. So Dylan is now an official and proud member of Team Continuum as is Hazen. I can’t even begin to thank Paul, Chris and the rest of the people involved in what they have done for us already, what an amazing turn of events from last weeks emotional crisis. The Team Continuum website will be updated soon and may have Dylan and Hazen featured in it. The current site says that Paul is in full remission, but unfortunately he has relapsed and is currently undergoing chemotherapy and requires another transplant. He truly is a wonderful man, as not only is he fighting his own battle, but he continues to help others, what a guy! I also need to thank the Zucca family as they have been making efforts to raise flyer points also, and they mentioned it in Dylan’s guestbook a week or so ago. You can visit the Peter Zucca’s site via this link: Peter Dawn and Dennis Zucca have posted a very nice message about Dylan on Peter's site!