Sunday, July 10, 2005

Eight Mile Creek BBQ

I really don’t think that the events over the past few days have sunk in yet. I know that Tim and Cain are totally in shock that they may be on a plane to New York by the end of the week! Today Dylan and I went to the “Eight Mile Creek” for our now usual BBQ session! The food there is soooooo good. Today Dylan served me up shrimp, corn, fish, potatoes, chicken and onions. I don’t think I have had onions that good since we arrived in New York! Every Sunday they put on a BBQ and the proceeds will go towards Dylan, they ask for a $5 or more donation for your meal. As you can tell by the photo, Dylan was a great chef today and he has a smile from ear to ear after the news that daddy & Cain will soon be in town, not to mention tomorrow’s Ferrari ride! When we arrived back at the Ronald McDonald House, Dylan settled down to watch a James Bond movie which was followed by another James Bond movie, and now it seems he has become a James Bond fan.

We have clinic in the morning for blood tests, Tuesday & Wednesday Dylan will have his scans and an anesthetic for a bone marrow biopsy to be taken. Thursday Dylan may be a little sore from the biopsy and on Friday we will return for more blood tests and maybe some results from the scans.