Monday, July 11, 2005

Australia boy, New York city, Italian car...Priceless!

Dylan’s day started off at clinic, by lunch time he was having another platelet transfusion, by afternoon he was having a nap and by evening he was cruising the streets of Manhattan in a red Ferrari 360 Spider, 400hp V8 Convertible!!!

A huge thank you to Noah at Gotham Dream Cars for giving Dylan this sensational experience. I also need to thank Paul Nicholls from team Continuum and the Kennedy family for introducing us to this wonderful man. The events over the last few days still have not sunk in. Tim and Cain will be leaving Australia on Friday morning and arriving here in New York Friday night (they gain a day). I still can’t believe it is really happening, I really can’t.

Dylan will need to get up at 6:30 tomorrow morning to take his CT contrast mixed with sprite. He needs to drink 12 ounces which is a huge amount for Dylan because he really doesn’t drink at all these days. Then Dylan will have his CT scan 2 hours later, which will be looking for Neuroblastoma in his chest and abdomen. The last CT scan was NED (No evidence of disease). Wednesday Dylan will have his MIBG scan which will highlight all the Neuroblastoma left in his bones. I am hoping at the very least that this scan does not show any new disease and that he is continuing to remain stable. Dylan will also have an anesthetic for his bone marrows later that day. If we get Thursday off, Dylan can rest up as he will be a bit sore from the biopsy and then Friday we will have a check up at clinic and any transfusions required and then we will be all ready for Daddy & Cain to arrive Friday night.

Again a huge thank you to Paul and his team for getting Tim and Cain to us, and also to Jim Bliku at Qantas who has teamed up with Paul to make this happen so fast and ensure it all runs smoothly. From what I understand quite a few people donated their frequent flyer miles, so thank you and big hugs to all of you.