Monday, July 25, 2005

Marcus Ambrose calls

I know, I know...I have been slow on the updates, but we are really enjoying our time as a family and I know that you will all love hearing that anyway! We were at the “Eight Mile Creek” on Sunday and it was great fun, the weather was hot and the company was great. We had a surprise phone call on Thursday afternoon and when Tim answered the phone he nearly jumped out of his skin, it was Marcus Ambrose!!! Unfortunately Dylan was asleep and when we tried to wake him, he was miserable and wouldn't talk. Tim enjoyed the chat though and was thrilled to speak with the Australian V8 Supercar racing champion. Today at Clinic, Dylan’s platelet counts were not high enough to start chemo, so it has been delayed until next week. The bone marrow and hepatitis test results are still not back yet. His liver tests today show it is still elevated but it is decreasing which is good. Dylan has lost weight since he stopped TPN, Thursday he was 19.8kg and today he is 18.2kg, that’s a loss of 1.6kg in 3 days! Dylan required some fluid also as he was a little dehydrated. Even though Dylan is taking Megace (an appetite stimulant) he is only eating very small amounts and it is very difficult to drink. I guess he has not eaten in such a long time, he now has to learn how to eat again and it will take some time. On Wednesday we will visit clinic again for more blood tests, and we have an dental appointment for Dylan at MSKCC dental department. I have noticed that very rapidly, he is growing his two front adult teeth and he has only lost one front baby tooth, so the adult teeth coming down still have 2 baby teeth in the way (they are so big they take up 3 baby teeth spaces) and so they are pushing through his gums on an angle. It is great that MSKCC have a dental department, because a lot of dentists are hesitant in touching cancer patients. Dylan is scared about seeing the dentist, but I have told him that because he is still in the hospital, maybe he can get a full anesthetic if his baby teeth need to be removed, he was happy about that!

Tomorrow will mark 1 year since Dylan's diagnosis, I am not sure how I will feel tomorrow, I am just so thankful that Tim and Cain are here to see me through.

I have added a benefit gig being held on 6th August in Melbourne Australia for Dylan. It is at the Green Room in Elizabeth Street in the city. This is sort of alternative, heavy rock type music for those interested. It starts at 7pm and goes til late. Admission is $15 or $10 concession and is for over 18’s only. There will be raffles on the night with items provided by Polyester Books and Records, Obese Records, Spooky Records and others.