Sunday, July 3, 2005

Discharged from hospital

Dylan had a better night last night although his blood pressure did drop very low and he had a low grade fever of 38.5. This morning the doctor said we can go home (well, to the RMDH), and that put a big smile on Dylan's face. His neutrophils have dropped considerably since yesterday so we need to start on GCSF injections today. His blood & platelet counts are also low and I am hoping we make it to Tuesday for transfusions, otherwise we may end up in urgent care tomorrow as it is a holiday here for 4th July. I am a little concerned, I guess because this is the first time Dylan has been discharged after a fever episode without antibiotics and it feels kind of weird. But the doctor said he feels it is viral and that the antibiotics are not necessary. Dylan is very pleased that we can join the rest of the RMDH to watch the fire works by the East river for 4th July celebrations tomorrow, it should be lots of fun.