Monday, July 4, 2005

Happy 4th July

When we got back from the hospital yesterday afternoon, Dylan had a few blood noses and vomited a few times, but it all settled by late evening. Rebecca came to see Dylan and kept him amused for a few hours, which was a great distraction from the way he was feeling. Dylan slept well last night, I on the other hand, kept feeling his forehead checking for a fever, thankfully he didn’t have one. This morning Dylan woke up about 9:30am, reaching for the bucket and the box of tissues. I gave him some Vistaril and Ondansetron but still the vomiting continues, it’s so awful. I am keeping him in bed in front of the T.V today, hoping he will be well enough by this evening to go on the Ronald McDonald trip to see the fireworks. Skye will come over to visit at about 4pm, so hopefully that will cheer him up a bit and maybe she can come along to the fireworks too. The NYPD bus will leave at 6:30pm and take us for a BBQ and we will watch the fireworks at 8:30pm-9:00pm. We had a visit from Frank today from the 8 Mile creek. He is such a wonderful and kind person, thank you for your gift and Dylan is looking forward to help cook the BBQ next Sunday.Tomorrow we will head back to clinic, and I assume he will need both a blood and platelet transfusion by then, we will also get the results from the CMV test.