Monday, March 7, 2005

Room change - we have a head cold

We changed rooms again today! We are now in an Isolation room (Room 37). Dylan and I have a cold. I think I gave it to him, but I don’t know where I got mine from, I have been in hospital for the past 4 weeks! Dylan is fine though, just a blocked nose, nothing serious. His white blood count was 0.2 today but still no neutrophils…any day now, come on! Dylan had a CT scan done at 3pm just to check that everything is back in the right spot after the surgery. Nothing up side down I hope LOL. The staff doing the CT scan were so impressed that Dylan actually held his breath when the machine asked him to. Dylan hated having the scan done, but he did really well and stayed perfectly still.
Dylan finally switched the TV from “Cartoon Network” to another channel, thank god (I am so sick of cartoons!) He watched “Animal Planet” that has documentaries about animals on it. He loved watching the crocodile hunter and so did I, it reminded us of home. Then he watched dogs doing tricks and stunts in a competition…Dylan giggled the whole time he watched it. Then he told me what he had learnt from watching all these animal shows…A cockroach can live a whole month without a head! YUK! Typical boy thing to remember I guess. Now we are back to “Cartoon Network” …Bugger. Oh well, back to the magazines for me. It’s nice to have a private room, we can rest well and get over our colds. Dylan has had no nausea since they stopped the TPN (IV feeding) so that’s great. His G-tube feeding is now up to 40ml p/h which is only 10ml away from the usual rate. His spirits are high and he is chatting so much more, in fact last night he had a great chat to Tim and that made us all feel so good. We all actually got off the phone feeling good, instead of feeling sad and fretting for each other. When Dylan is feeling well, we all feel well. The thing with childhood cancer is that it’s the whole family that has the cancer and not just the child (If that makes sense). We all go on the roller coaster ride together, even if we are thousands of miles apart.