Saturday, March 5, 2005

Blood counts the same - almost a month in hospital

I can’t believe we have been in hospital almost a month already! We have not left MSKCC since surgery (9th Feb). I shouldn’t complain, others have been here heaps longer, like Bailee and her mom who have been here since last year!

Dylan’s counts are the same, 0 neutrophils and 0.1 white blood cells. The doctor said that the more rounds of chemo they have the slower the counts recover, and that we may not get neutrophils until mid next week. Bugger! Oh well, we changed rooms at least, now we are in 917A. Dylan is doing well, he has no temperature and feels a bit better emotionally. GCSF injections, antibiotics, G-tube feeds, TPN and anti nausea medication all continue.

Dylan watched the new “Sponge Bob” movie yesterday and he loved it.