Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Getting out of hospital today - WooHoo!

YIPEE! Dylan’s has 1.0 white cells and 0.6 neutrophils…..we’re breaking out of hospital today!!!

Dylan’s whole attitude changed once he found out. After the nurse disconnected his lines, Dylan said, “quick get me dressed!” and he got out of bed and sat in the chair. We are now waiting for medication to take back to Ronald McDonald House, and then we can go. We are both so excited about getting back to our room at RMH. I can actually sleep in a proper bed tonight!

Dylan’s up to his old tricks with getting chicky babes! I took our bags back to RMH and left Dylan at hospital. When I came back, he had the Physio nurse's cell phone number on a paper towel! He said she wants me to call her so that she can visit him at RMH and they can play “Candy Land” and get “Dominos” pizza. She is a very attractive young blonde, now Dylan has got two chicky babes…a brunette and a blonde! LOL We have written a letter to Angelina Jolie as we have found a connection who may be able to get the letter to her, so I said to Dylan he will have to choose one chicky babe, he replied “Mmm, Angelina Jolie is my ultimate chicky babe, but can’t I take all 3 to Dominos for pizza???” LOL So cute!

We have an appointment on Friday for a finger stick to check Dylan's counts again and also to have a MIBG contrast given, ready for a MIBG scan on Saturday. So we have tomorrow off, to relax and enjoy our freedom, after a whole month (to the day!) of hospitalization.