Tuesday, March 29, 2005

BRAT diet

Dylan is going well on the BRAT diet (Bananas & Bread) and the Lomotil that they prescribed for him seems to be working! We only had two episodes yesterday and so far today, nothing, and it's 5pm! But Dylan has mysteriously vomited twice today, but he seems well. Maybe too many bananas!
Tomorrow we will go back to hospital, but I doubt chemo will start until next Monday as it's a 5 day round and I assume the weekend may bugger it up if we started tomorrow. A famous circus is at Madison square gardens at the moment and Dylan has been wanting to go since he saw the advertisements. Ronald McDonald House are taking kids to the circus tomorrow night, only thing is spaces are limited and we didn't make it on the list in time, but we are on the top of the waiting list, which means if anyone cancels we can go. Michelle sent Dylan a little box with a love heart inside, I think it is a box of love, but I told him it was a wishing box. I have caught Dylan several times with his face in the little box, whispering wishes into it, it's so cute to see. I couldn't help myself and asked what one of his wishes was and he said "For Daddy and Cain to get their visas to come to America and also for $14 so I have enough money to buy 30 more hotwheels cars, cause I have $16 already mum!" He is soooooo cute!!! Tim is still waiting for word on his visa, hopefully this week it will finally be processed, as flights have been pre booked for this Sunday.

Last night Dylan and I had another of those heart melting chats. We were in conversation and something lead to my age, Dylan said "Your 21 years old mum" I said I wish I was! Dylan then said "I wish I was 1 years old" I asked why, and Dylan said "Because then I could start my life again" I asked why he wanted to start his life again, is his life so awful? and he said "No my life is good, but if I started again I wouldn't have my cancer and I wouldn't have to spend 2-3 years doing this to get better".

I found out that when I have to renew my visa in July, I will again need to supply evidence of sufficient funds for anticipated treatment for it to be approved and to be allowed to remain in the United States, so I need everyone to come up with more fundraising ideas and plans for the future, so that we can continue. I have not recieved a statement from the hospital yet, so I am not sure what our balance is but as soon as I know where we are at, I will let you all know.