Thursday, March 31, 2005

Tim and Cain arriving on Sunday!

GREAT NEWS! Tim and Cain have their Visa’s and will be arriving in New York late Sunday evening! We are all so excited, I doubt any of us will sleep Saturday night in anticipation. It feels like we have been apart for a lifetime already. Thank you so much to the American and Australian Consulates for enabling it to all come together smoothly and a huge thank you to Australia Post, Operation Oz Kids and Qantas for making it all possible. I just can’t wait to see the looks on all our faces once we reunite.

Yesterday we went into hospital for some blood tests and Dr Modak said we will have chemo on Monday through to Friday next week. Dylan’s diarrhea is controlled well by the Lomotil at this stage, although if I stop giving it to him, it comes straight back. He did so well with his BRAT diet, and ate 3-4 bananas and a whole packet of mini toast each day. He has such will power, although he did beg me for an Oreo cookie and I sprung him once eating some Nutri Grain from Australia. He can now slowly have more types of food, but we are holding off on the G-Tube feeding for now. I asked Dylan if he would like a game of UNO, as he is the UNO king, but his face dropped and he said that he can’t play it anymore. When I asked why he said it was because every time he plays it now, he feels sick because he always used to play it when he was having chemo in hospital in Australia…how sad, poor kid.

Woo Hoo! Last night we got to go to the circus! At 6pm the NYPD Bus came to pick us up, they call it “Big Blue” and the driver even put on the sirens briefly. We made it to the 7:30pm show at Madison Square Gardens and were taken to the VIP suite boxes! We even had our own private bathroom! The show was called “The Greatest Show On Earth” Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Dylan just loved the circus from start to finish. The first act was the human cannon ball, Dylan squealed with delight when he heard the loud bang, and small fireworks clapped, then 2 people shot out at high speed through the air! They had so many animals including Horses, Ponies, Goats, Bulls, Llamas, Dogs, Camels, Zebras, Elephants and Tigers. As much as I don’t like the idea of circus animals, it seemed they were very conscious of the fact some people may not approve, so as each animal performed they explained about the care that the animal receives. I counted 10 Elephants and 2 baby Elephants named Asha & Rudy. They explained that they breed their own Elephants on a 200 acre facility in Florida and since 1990 they have had 16 Elephants born into the circus, who’s parents, grand parents and great grand parents are all circus Elephants. They also have 11 Tigers. As we drove back to RMH in the bus, we saw the building used in the film “The day after tomorrow” Dylan watched the movie many times before we came to New York, and recognized it straight away. It’s still hard to believe that we are here, even now I stare in awe at street signs such as Broadway, Madison Avenue, 5th Avenue and 34th Street because they are all names you commonly hear in the movies, who would have ever thought I would see them in real life.