Monday, March 28, 2005

"That bunny is the best in the world!"

Hi everyone
Just a really quick up date as I am in the waiting room at MSKCC. Dylan was scheduled for chemo today, but again it has been delayed due to the rear end problem continuing. We are starting a new drug for anti-diarrhea, and will re-evaluate again on Wednesday. Dylan also must stick to a diet of bananas and bread, which will be hard (for the both of us!) We just have to have this diet to see if it changes the situation. Dylan went to the bathroom 7 times on Saturday and 8 times yesterday, it's just awful! But he is well in himself so that's the main thing. We are waiting for the fluids (IV at home) to be made up and then we can return to Ronald McDonald House, via the store to buy bananas!!! Easter went well, the Easter bunny found us in New York which excited Dylan and he said "That bunny is the best in the world!" I explained he's the only Easter bunny in the world!

Last night Dylan and I were lying in bed and I was reading the meanings of the precious stones that Michelle had sent to us. I read that mine was for courage and Dylan said "That's good mum, cause you need it to cope with all this" I smiled and said are you coping Dylan? Dylan said "Yeah, I am coping good mum, I will do anything for my cancer, so it will go away" I said, Dylan you know we will beat this cancer don't you? Dylan said "Yes mum, you tell me that all the time!" I said well, I don't want you to forget! Dylan said " I won't forget cause you keep telling me!" I said, but you do understand that we will beat this, and Dylan said "Yeah, I know we will mum" Sometimes Dylan just says the most "grown up" things, it's so comforting to know that he himself is happy with the decision to come to New York for treatment and it's great to know that he is still fighting strong.