Sunday, January 9, 2005

So much to organize

Dylan is in great form again today. No real news today about the campaign, except that a date has been scheduled for "Dylan's Fun Day Out" 5th February, Saturday. I am hoping that next week the donations will flood in following Saturday's article. I am getting very anxious about the trip, but I must always keep in mind that Kevin's mum managed to do it, and she did not even speak much English. Kevin was the little boy whose funeral I attended Xmas eve. His mum rang me tonight, to say goodbye as she heads back to Tanzania tomorrow, without her son. She had come to Australia with the hope of curing her son from a rare blood disorder.
I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow, we meet with the lawyers in the morning to finalize the legal jargon of the campaign, then we head to the bank to wire money to MSKCC, then I need to pick up our passports, then I will try and get hold of a visa. The airline tickets will also be booked tomorrow too. Amongst all this, I must call 3AW as I am hoping they will listen to our story on the morning program. Oh and I have to look into a travel charger for my mobile phone that converts 240V to 120V. I am already so exhausted and stressed, I hope that in New York I get my second wind! I still have so much to organize and work out what I need to take. I have to teach Tim how to pay the bills and how to put rinse aid in the dishwasher! I know I will forget a lot of things but I have to try and get the major concerns organized.

Thank you again, to all those who have generously donated. I was so tired the other day that I thanked Carol and Paul…It should have been Carol and Peter, I do apologize, but I am sure you understand.

I have added a link to Nick Snow’s site. Please visit the site and read how Nick was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at the age of 6 years. Nick won his battle and he is now a healthy 15 year old, and has been clear of Neuroblastoma for the past 2 years. Nick has been through a lot, and his mother was told many times over that there was no hope for him…but he has beaten the odds and is living proof that there is hope for Dylan!