Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Back to emergency - admitted into hospital

At 7:30am Dylan woke with a nightmare about vampires and me dying. I took his temperature and it was 39.5. I rang the hospital and let them know we were on our way. We arrived at 9am (peak hour traffic grr!) He was admitted and blood cultures were taken as well as a urine test. We sat in the isolation room in emergency from 9am until 8pm before we got a bed on 6 East. I saw a child in emergency covered with spots all over, and even though we were in isolation, I still was concerned about the possible exposure to chicken pox or measles waiting in emergency. They started Dylan on 3 antibiotics – Gentamicin/Timentin and Vancomycin. They said that because he got a temp after he was flushed yesterday means that there may have been a bug in his line for the past week and when he was flushed in then made it’s way into his blood stream. I spoke to Rose today, Donna is very sick in Sale hospital and is still waiting to see a doctor and get blood and platelets. Donna has been producing big blood clots and her lips are all swollen and cracked. It’s just awful as she is too sick to travel to Melbourne and they can’t get the service they need in the country. I also got a name of a professor to call re: clinical trials and other possible treatments for Dylan. I will call as soon as we get out of hospital to find out more.