Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Fever easing

Dylan’s temp has been good since midnight. He won hospital Lingo again today and chose a bubble blower! Hospital Lingo is like bingo but for kids and is with pictures instead of numbers. The blood cultures showed that he does in fact have bug in his red lumen (line). What they think has happened is that since the last time his hickman line was accessed by the visiting nurse, a bug has got into the line and that when they flushed it on Monday, it was pushed through, hence the fever hours later. The worse thing is that they have told me that they might send us home in a few days and get those same home nurses to continue giving the antibiotics. They are good nurses but have never accessed a hickman line before, let alone seen one! We had three nurses and I had to teach them all about the sterile conditions required during access, and even then they did a few things wrong. It’s hard to stand over them with a big stick and pick on every thing wrong that they do, but it looks like I will have to in future. I feel lost in this hospital now, knowing that they can’t really do much more for Dylan. I have compiled a long list of questions and treatments that I want to try to give to the doctor on Tuesday. I have decided that if he cannot offer anything then we will move interstate to get a new doctor and a fresh opinion.