Wednesday, October 27, 2004

No go for BM harvest - discharged from hospital

Dylan’s temp has not dropped below 38 today and got as high as 38.6 but then went back to 38, regardless that didn’t stop us from getting out today. The doctor said he has had this low grade temp since Monday and is well in himself, so bring him back if he reaches closer to 39. His weight has dropped considerably since Monday. He was 17.1kg on Monday and now is 16.2kg from not eating for 2 days. When we got home he tried to eat pasta but the only two mouth fulls he had, came up after a few minutes. I have started his feed at 20ml per hour and so far so good. I am giving him Ondansetron for the nausea and he continues the antibiotics. His back injury was looked at by the doctor today and he advised us to take the dressing off this Friday. He is is great spirits and had an absolute ball playing with Cain once he got home. They really do miss each other terribly.
We were told today that the bone marrow aspirate tests came back showing that one side of the core sample taken still has NB evident, so he will have Vincristine chemo once a week for the next two weeks and once his blood counts recover, they will do another bone marrow aspirate. So at this stage is is a "No go" for the bone marrow harvest. I asked the doctor if they were confident that this last round of chemo will get rid of the remainder of NB cells in the bone marrow, and she said that there is no way of telling. I will take Dylan's temperature all through the night and hope we get to stay home for the weekend.