Friday, October 22, 2004

Chemo postponed

We went to hospital today at 9:30am and saw another Doctor as Dylan’s doctor is still in America. He told us that Dylan’s bloods were not high enough for Chemo today and to come back on Monday for admittance. Not all the results of Dylan’s tests are back yet, but the bone scan came back as abnormal, which the doctor said is what they expected as the bones take the longest to recover. The CT scan shows that the main tumor in the stomach has reduced in size. I am not sure about the rest of the tumors in the other parts of his body, I will wait until Dylan's doctor returns to get the full picture from him. The right side bone aspirate came back as clear for Neuroblastoma, but the bone core sample (the most important) was not back and may not be back until Tuesday. The left side aspirate was not back either. Once all these results come back, we will find out if he can have his bone marrow harvested. His magnesium levels are good, but I need to continue the oral doses. Dylan had his hickman line dressing changed and was really brave for his finger prick test today.
When we got home at 4pm, Cain was preparing for the neighbors son’s birthday party, which was a Halloween themed party. Dylan wanted to go too. I was hesitant because of all the kids running around etc, but decided it wasn’t fair so I reluctantly took him. I was so paranoid but after half an hour I relaxed. I took my eyes off him for a few minutes and he had attempted to climb the trampoline, he slipped backwards and fell. Tim and I raced over to him, and picked him up. He said his arm hurt, it bruised instantly so I rang the hospital, who advised me his platelets were ok and to take him home and put ice on it. When we got home he calmed down and we put ice on his arm. I then asked if he hurt anywhere else and he said his back was a little sore. We lifted up his top and there was a very deep gash, I nearly passed out! We rang our local hospital who said it would be a 3 hour wait and the local doctor said it would be an hour’s wait, so we decided to drive an hour back to the Children’s hospital. They saw him straight away and put him in an isolation room. Luckily stitches were not required and he was extremely brave when they cleaned it up and put these strip things on it. He is now on antibiotics to help protect him from infection as he is immune suppressed. When he has chemo on Monday this will cause his bloods to go down by Thursday or Friday. By then he will have a high chance of this wound becoming infected and getting a temperature, so I can almost guarantee we will be back in hospital on IV antibiotics by the end of next week.
When Dylan was first diagnosed, I read that his eye lashes could fall out. I cried when I read this because his eye lashes were unique and everyone always commented on how long and thick they were. Well, sadly it has happened. He almost has no eye lashes left at all and his eye brows are thinning out too.