Thursday, October 21, 2004

Bone marrow aspirate & CT scan done today

Dylan had is aesthetic today for his bone marrow aspirate and CT scan. He did really well and when he woke up ate a whole “happy meal!” We set off at 6am and arrived at 7am, but had to wait until 9:30am to be seen, go figure! Then the anesthetist came and said “So, Dylan is here for a CT scan for the bone infection in his neck” Luckily she said this to Tim and I was not there, because I would have said “yes, we just shave his head for the fun of it!” she then said “Oh so his bone infection is better now?” HELLO he never had a bone infection! I wish they took more care and read the histories better, after all his life is in their hands quite literally and it does nothing for our confidence. Anyway, all went well and tomorrow we will take him back for Chemo. He is having Doxorubicin and Cyclophosphamide again, I hate this one because the last two doses he had of it caused severe gut and mouth ulceration as well as the nausea and vomiting. Last time the ulcers were that bad that he was spitting up blood. But he is a trooper and is not showing any signs of concern about tomorrow. He just keeps on amazing me. The ward had a visit today from Australian Idol star, Milsy (not sure on the spelling). We didn’t see him as we were in day surgery, but I know Donna dragged herself out of her hospital bed to get dressed up for him.