Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Bone Scan done today

All went well today. Dylan had his bone scan and was extremely brave for the needle that was put into his hand. He did'nt cry or protest, just made painful faces at me and held his breath. He stayed amazingly still for the 50 minutes that it took to do. They tell you that the radioactive dye they inject into the veins for the scan is harmless, but the syringe is covered by a lead case! Yeah, real harmless! We saw another 3 year old little girl with NB today. She was having her scans done today as she is up to the same stage of treatment as Dylan. We also visited Donna, an amazing 14 yr old girl with bone cancer. We have bonded well with Donna and her mum, they both are a great inspiration. Dylan's magnesium levels were good enough, so he didn't need an infusion today. Tomorrow we are up at 5:30am to leave home at 6am for a 7am appointment for his bone marrow aspirate and CT scan. Between 6am - 7am he has to have 320ml of water put through his gastric peg so we will have to do that in the car on the way.
We saw the church again today, on the way into hospital. Its a big old church that you can see from 6 East and when we drove past it one day, Dylan said "There's my church!" He has never been inside it and wants me to take him there one day. It sort of makes me feel strange and afraid, him saying it's his church. I don't know what made him say that, we are not religious at all.
After hospital we took Dylan to the crystal shop, we shouldn't really but he has not been to the shops since he started Chemo 85 days ago and his Neutrophils are on the way up. He has a real passion for precious stones and crystals, he always used to come home with pockets full of stones and pebbles he found, out visiting or at school. This is also why we made him his own garden in the backyard, filled with white rock and river stones.