Monday, November 8, 2010

Almost 12 - Can you believe it!

Four months since I last updated? Wow, doesn't feel like it at all, guess life has kept me busy! Dylan is doing well. His last scans showed stable disease and we are already up to the next session of scans again this week. He contunues the IMC-A12 study with minimal side effects ~ just fatigue and some loss of appetite. Dylan decided along with out input that another year in regular school would likely result in poor attendance and health risks due to his compromised immune system, so he is now having home instruction/school. He has a lovely teacher who comes each day for an hour and already he is excelling in leaps and bounds even more than when he was in regular school. Dylan also has his hearing teacher twice a week and is thrilled that he has his teacher from a few years ago once again. Drumming has now become one of Dylan’s favorite activities, 2nd to the Playstation of course! Dylan has music class each week at the Ronald McDonald House with his brother Cain. Speaking of which, Cain has now informed me that he wants to pursue being a Professor of Music. I am completely blown away with his extreme talent, he has come such a long way and composes some great music all on his own. Cain really has grown into a man now…he makes me feel old! Wednesday 10th November Dylan will turn 12 and on the 15th Cain will turn 16. We feel so blessed to still have Dylan celebrating birthdays and to be honest, 12 is a birthday that I thought I would never see, years ago. Tim and I continue to work and now with the holiday season upon us, our schedules seem to be crazy! So many appointments and things to get done. Dylan needs to see the Audiologist, Pulmonologist & Ophthalmologist , all just routine check ups. Cain has his braces to get put on and Dylan has a minor surgical procedure (Unrelated to cancer). Thank you to all or friends and family who help us so much by sending the kids birthday and Christmas gifts. We are doing the budget thing and struggling financially, just like many other families living in a big expensive city. To top life off, our lease is up and they want to hike the rent up by almost $200 more a month! I am trying to negotiate the rent increase as we struggle to make ends meet as it is already and this increase will hit us hard…I am not sure how much more we can tighten to belt to get through each month. From what I hear it’s just as insane in Australia as here, as far as cost of living goes. Our friend Skye moved back to Oz 6 months ago and just came over here for a 2 week visit. She made us soooooo homesick, but it was great to hear about all the changes she noticed since moving back. Bear is getting closer to being a therapy dog and he is still the love of our family, he is just so great at relieving all of us of anxiety and stress…pets really are great medicine. Summer is truly over now, today they even had snow flurries in Long Island! The hats, gloves and scarfs are now officially a part of everyday clothing.

Please send your prayers to all the families fighting childhood cancer. Even though we are not at the house anymore, we still are in contact with many families. We sadly lost Ethan and Morgan to Neuroblastoma last month along with many others. We continue to fight the fight, and try and balance “normal” living with the cancer world in which we live.