Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our own place in time for Christmas!

As many of you know, earlier this year Tim and I were granted work authorization and are now both working! Finally we have found an apartment of our own in New York and move out from the Ronald McDonald House mid December. After almost 5 years we are in a position where we can at least leave the institutionalized living of the house and live a semi-normal lifestyle. We are so excited and nervous all at the same time. The kids are just as excited, they will share a room and we will have our own kitchen again!!! For Tim and I we will have the stresses of bill/rent paying, working and balancing the kids at school and hospital appointments, but these are all normal stresses and we much rather have them than the stresses of living in the cancer environment 24/7. We will certainly miss the Ronald House very much, but we are close by and the kids will still participate in the karate and music classes. It's huge having to start from the beginning again, we have only our personal belongings, so we need to get furniture, beds, TV's and kitchen ware. With working and apartment hunting and now moving, I have lapsed on updates and emails, but I am slowly catching up now. On returning to the web I have discovered that Dylan's photo gallery is no longer available, kodak gallery closed that function :( Bare with me over the next few weeks/months as I re-build a new gallery on another photo hosting website. Thank you to everyone for the boys birthday wishes, cards and gifts. They had a great day and we took them to Olive Garden for dinner (their favorite). Cain inherited Tim's prize possession that my brother sent to him from Australia...Tim's Rickenbacker bass guitar from his "rock star"days! Cain is thrilled to bits to have it. Dylan is doing well, he missed heaps of school due to a lingering cough that was cultured and came back as Rhinovirus (common cold) Dylan takes so long to recover these days. Last week he had his H1N1 vaccine (killed version) and today he returned to school. He continues on the Perifosine until his next work up and then we are anticipating starting the vaccine study, which is approx almost a year of treatment. Until my next update, we wish everyone a happy Thanks Giving and pray for all the children fighting this monster.