Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day!

Well it's Australia Day in New York today, that means it's our arrival anniversary and marks 4 years in NYC. It also marks exactly 4 1/2 years since Dylan's diagnosis, and 4 years since Dylan was given 2-12 months to live. What a milestone!!! Thank you to everyone who sent emails and called, it just goes to show how much Dylan has touched the lives of others when you get messages on our arrival anniversary before I have even written about it in the journal! We are not doing anything today, even though celebrations will be happening at all Australian venues in NYC. Dylan is at school today as is Cain. Dylan had 2 more teeth removed last week, but his root canal was cut short due to pain. Dylan will see the dentist for 2 more tooth extractions tomorrow and another attempt at the root canal most likely Friday. We have narrowed down treatment plans and once we meet with Dr Modak, we should have a final plan and prepare for starting a new study/trial. Cain did pretty well on his school report, he blitz through math and french but Science and Social Studies are proving an issue for him, but mainly in the homework area. We were able to visit the Maynard family over the weekend and Lynn looks amazing after her stroke. Lynn is working very hard at rehab and it is paying off. Her speech has improved and she is walking around the house unaided. The movement and pain in her arm continues to be an issue, but hopefully over time this will also improve.