Sunday, January 18, 2009

Back safe and sound from Vermont

Tim and Dylan made it back to New York safe and sound on Friday. They had a great time in Vermont, although it was so cold they were unable to do much site seeing. From what Tim told me, the cold was unimaginable. The Ronald McDonald House there was beautiful and everyone was super helpful and nice to them. At the Vermont hospital, Tim said it was fantastic, the staff were great and Dr Sholler is extremely knowledgeable. Tim has returned with a wealth of information that we need to sit down and discuss and come to a decision on therapy. Dr Sholler took bone marrow samples from Dylan (which were positive for NB) that will be sent to Michigan for testing, this will create a cell line and be tested against different drugs rto see what "Dylan's" Neuroblastoma is responsive to. There are several options in our courst now, between MSKCC and Vermont hospital. Dr Sholler is in converse with Dr Modak to work out a plan just for Dylan that can be done in New York with minimal visits to Vermont if we decide to do one of Dr Sholler's studies. The Nirfurtomox trial is one option but may have too many side effects for Dylan at this point in time, but Dr Sholler also has other trials available and one very exciting one that will be released in Feb/March. During there stay in Vermont, they met up with Jack Brown from England and also Sean Hansen's aunt. All in all it was a very good experience and positive in terms of treatment options for Dylan, I will post more details once I have gone through all the information properly and can explain each option better. Vermont photos can be viewed HERE. Nana left for Australia Yesterday and her plane should land in Australia within the hour. It was a sad departure but we are so thankful that we had the opportunity to spend time together.