Friday, November 7, 2008

Bad news just keeps on rolling in

Yes, more bad news, another Neuroblastoma angel. Kody was a special little guy, particularly to Tim. Tim had grown very attached to this wonderfully brave boy because everytime he saw Tim he would yell out in a little chipmunk voice "Hey Champ". Sometimes you just bond with some kids more than others and Kody was one that Tim really bonded with. It's times like this that we have a good cry. For myself it brings back memories of all the kids that have become angels in the time that I have been here, so many I have bonded with, and so many that will be carried in my heart forever. Sometimes I wonder if the families even realize what an impact their child has had on my life. There are just too many to even list, over 45 children now...when will we find a cure?