Monday, November 24, 2008

Dylan's interest in the computer this evening

Tonight Dylan decided he wanted to do his Facebook (for the first time!) He started by reading all his messages and then he wrote a few messages to people on his friends list...then he realized how much work it was to send everyone a message...he stopped and said ok this is hard work...finally he gets what I have to do on his behalf!!! LOL. Dylan then asked if he could make a webpage the way he wants it. I said sure, lets make one and we can have it on your website! Dylan was very excited and spent a few hours with me designing his page. He specigically wanted a page counter on it so he could see how many people look at it. He then said "Can I see how many times Skye will look at it?" LOL, I explained that was too technical for me and let's just stick to the basics. Anyway, here is Dylan's Page, I am sure it will change from time to time until he thinks that's too much hard work too! Click HERE to view.