Monday, May 5, 2008

Story of Inspiration

I was so over whelmed by an email I received this morning, and this is what it said...

Well Dylan its been quite a while for me to get around for me to say hello but I have only just started to learn to use a computer. I first saw you on TV about 18 months ago and I could not stop thinking what a brave little boy you where and how well you spoke for an eight year old and the concern you had for your mother. I was 71 then and I decided I wanted to do something to raise money for your cause. Next morning I rang Ronald McDonald house and told them I was going to paddle 2000 KM down the Murray River to raise money and because you inspired me and because of you I only spent 46 days paddling the Murray and raised over $20,000 dollars and thought of you every day. Well Dylan its been great to catch up to you I will say farewell for now and I wish you all the best.

It gives me such pleasure to know that people are doing amazing things having Dylan as their inspiration! From what I can gather from the email, this man raised over $20,000 for the Ronald McDonald House (I assume in Australia) by paddling the Murray River in Australia at the age of 73!!! What a great achievement and what an amazing man. It has lifted my spirits so much, it is great to know that Dylan's place on this Earth and going through what he is going through does serve a purpose. I remind myself that sharing our story and letting people follow us during our childhood cancer journey, it is inspiring people to do wonderful things and Dylan touches people's hearts and souls in a very special and positive way.