Thursday, May 15, 2008

Old Friends

We are all doing well, Cain is doing great at school, visits lots of friends after school hours and has a better social life than the rest of us! I am actually so surprised at how well adjusted and adapted he has become. I know that children are usually like that but Cain is a very sensitive soul who struggles with anxiety and never likes to be thrown out of his comfort zone. It makes me so happy that he has come to terms with our living arrangements for now, he makes me very proud. Dylan is doing well, his blood counts yesterday were great, with his platelets at 126. They did another HAMA test, and this time we should get a number result to see how far off we are on achieving a negative result. He has been very tired on the Thalidamide and you can see it in his eyes, we will start the second cycle this weekend, but if the fatigue continues then we will lower the dose on the third cycle. I had a great visit with Rhonda last week, I have missed her and it was fantastic to see how well she is doing. Rhonda is Carter’s mom, and we spent a lot of time together while he was having treatment in New York. Carter became and angel last year, and I was worried how his passing would effect Rhonda and his sister Mariah, but I was pleasantly surprised that life does go on, of course they carry pain and always will, but they seem happy and adjusted. Over Memorial Day weekend we have been invited to visit our good friend Dave and his wife Annette, he lost his son Justin at the age of 17 to Neuroblastoma. Dave has tickets for us to see the Indy 500 car race and has also arranged flights for us! The boys are bursting at the seams with excitement. I can’t wait to see them, we were very good friends while they were in New York. The friendships that we have made over our journey will last forever, they are very special. Even though I meet people who I assume understand what we are going through, I eventually realize by their actions that until they have walked the shoes, they never truly know. The bond that we have amongst other cancer families is unique and eternal, even after a child passes.