Friday, November 9, 2007

New York Marathon and birthday eve!

The Ronald McDonald House fun run was on last Saturday 3rd November and Cain ran in honor of Dylan. He did so well running 1 mile in 8 minutes and 42 seconds! I have added photos HERE of both the RMDH fun run and the New York Marathon. The New York City Marathon is an annual Marathon held on the first Sunday in November and is run over a 26.2 mile course through all five boroughs of New York City. It has been run every year since 1970, and because of the popularity of the race, participation is limited to 37,000 entrants chosen largely by a lottery system, with preference given to previous participants. At the NY Marathon, we looked out anxiously for our friend Chris. Chris and his wife Justine are very good Australian friends of ours who use to live here in NY but moved to Hong Kong last year. Chris and Justine came back for the Marathon. Chris has run the Marathon before but missed seeing us in the crowd, this year he made sure he stopped at 73rd Street to give us hugs and kiss Justine! Sydney’s dad Kevin ran in the Marathon again this year along with Rich from the Ronald McDonald House. Both were dressed in “the loneliest Road” clothes and carrying signs for Neuroblastoma and Band Of Parents.

Dylan will be 9 years old tomorrow. I am so over whelmed with emotion. I always felt that Dylan would not see past his 7th birthday, and now he is hours away from his 9th birthday! Who would have ever thought Dylan would be 9 years old after being diagnosed with such a fast growing and aggressive cancer at age 5 and after being told almost 3 years ago he had 2-12 months to live. Well, miracles do happen and in my eyes, Dylan is a walking miracle. I know he is not cancer free but he is 9 years old tomorrow, happy and feeling better than he ever has since diagnosis and to me that is a miracle in itself. I will also be the official mother of a teenager next Thursday too, yes Cain turns 13! Mmmmmm, hang on... now I am feeling a little old! I will update with birthday photos early next week.