Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dylan starts school

Dylan started school today! Yes, regular real school! Dr Modak said that while Dylan is on his current therapy and his immune system is good he can attend regular school. Dr Modak said that it was from a social aspect and his metal well being, not so much from an educational view. Dylan is feeling great and looking great. Of course when Dylan gets a heavier hospital schedule and starts a new therapy he will likely need to return to home schooling but for right now he can be a “regular” kid and he loves it. I on the other hand, am having a really hard time letting go. Honestly I didn’t want him to be in regular school, I have many fears for him but after talking with many other cancer mums, I decided that after wrapping Dylan in cotton wool for the past 3 years, it’s time to give a little slack. At the end of the day, this is all about quality of life and for Dylan and every other child his age, school is a huge part of their life. If Dylan is well enough for school for a few months then I have to let him go. He has restrictions of course, with his platelets being low, he is to have no sport class and if he bumps himself at all, the school will call me immediately. This morning started with me scrambling to get him ready and then meeting up with all the other RMDH families who take their children to the same school. We walked into the dining room at RMDH to be welcomed by a whole assembly of kids and parents, I didn’t realize how many went to the same school! We all walked to school together and at the school I was greeted by Dylan’s teacher, principal and a lot of the other parents of children in Dylan’s class. The news had spread fast that Dylan was a new student and the welcoming of the children and parents made me feel much better. Dylan is so excited, he didn’t even say goodbye to me! School is something that makes him feel “grown up” I guess, something he can relate to with Cain and also now he can talk about school with the other children he meets. The teacher is lovely and read Dylan’s website and knows to watch out or him. It will take me some time to get comfortable with all this but I think I am just the paranoid one. Most of the cancer children treated at MSKCC do attend regular school in between treatments, there is even a little girl here at RMDH from Greece, and she goes to “regular” school and also has Neuroblastoma. Dylan really did not get much school in Australia, because he was diagnosed in his first year at school, so this I a huge step for him. In saying all of this, if he changes his mind and does not feel happy at school then I will let him have home schooling again. Some may say that I should make him go, but like I have said in the past, my heart tells me that Dylan’s current “wellness” is just the calm before the storm, so I want Dylan to be happy and enjoy this time, whether if it’s at school or being tutored at RMDH. Anyway, today I am looking after Alyssa, yes she got out of the hospital and is doing better with further tests scheduled to pin point her seizer issues. Alyssa’s mum is at the new apartment getting things organized, so Alyssa and I will hang out and watch “high school musical” and all the other of her favorite DVD’s.