Friday, October 12, 2007

A day in the country

Dylan started his 7th round of Accutane on Monday and all is well, the doctors are very happy with Dylan’s health right now, although those platelets are still not getting past the 70 mark, so it’s a little frustrating, but he will get there eventually. The urine test results are VMA 21 (up from 17) HVA 24 (down from 28) so pretty much little change, and the results is very dependant on diet, so as much as we try to restrict Dylan’s intake prior to and during the collection, what remains in his body at the time of testing can vary the result slightly in numbers, so this result is classed as stable and unchanged since the last. The boys are all good, Cain has settled in better at school and is getting himself into a much better routine and has calmed down his anxiety levels a lot. He has also made a lot of friends here at RMDH so after he has done his mountain of homework for the afternoon, he spends the evening playing with the other children here, some who are siblings and some who are the cancer patients. Dylan is still the kind of kid who prefers to stay in the room and do his own thing, but on the odd occasion is venturing out along with Cain. Tonight the boys all went to a NY Rangers hockey game at Madison Square Gardens and Dylan was and able to ride the ice cleaner truck (not sure what its actually called) and he waved happily to the crowd and loved being the center of attention for the moment, he returned saying how he met the players and got things signed and how the paparazzi was there. Last weekend we join the RMDH on Saturday for a day in the country. We went to the Hudson Valley and picked apples, strawberries and pumpkins at Greigs Farm. We also visited the local winery and then had a wonderful lunch at a place called Stissing House in Pine Plains. This restaurant has been there since 1782 and from what I am told is the oldest restaurant in the United States. The boys had a wonderful day and so did Tim and I, it’s such a luxury to get out of the busy city life in Manhattan. Thank you to the volunteers from Chelsea Morrison Foundation for organizing the day for us, photos can be viewed HERE. On Sunday we got up early and went to get Halloween Costumes with RMDH, thanks to Party Fair. Cain is so excited to spend his first Halloween here in New York and he has a great costume! There are a few parties coming up with RMDH so we will surprise you with some great photos. The drama for this week was Alyssa. For most of you, you would know that Alyssa is my best friend’s daughter at RMDH. Alyssa is 20 years old and has a brain tumor. On Tuesday morning she had 3 seizers and we rushed her into the hospital. Tests revealed 2 blood clots in her brain and she has been hospitalized. You can read more about Alyssa HERE. So this week I have been preoccupied with running back and forth to the hospital, helping out Jennie and Alyssa with support and company. When things like this happen out of nowhere I start to get worried that Dylan’s current state is the calm before the storm, but I try and erase that thought from my mind as quickly as it comes because I have to live for now and not for what may come, no matter how high on the cards it may be. Our little friend Jack from London returns home tomorrow, I am so sad to see him go and will continue to pray for his family, we will miss you so much Jack, you really were a memorable little guy at the house. Connor from South Africa returned home a few weeks ago and so did many other families. After Jennie and Alyssa leave at the end of next month to their new apartment, and Stavros returns home to Greece in December, our family along with another family from Greece, will be the oldest families here, but I am so grateful to still be here, and will muster up the strength during Dylan's "well time" to tackle what 2008 will bring. Please also keep Grace and George in your prayers and james's family who need prayers of peace and comfort.