Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Round 6 Accutane complete

Things are good. Dylan has scans at the end of next week as well as a bone marrow test. He completed his 6th round of Accuntane Sunday. After the scan results we will meet with the Neuroblastoma team to see what the “plan” is going to be. It will be interesting to see how Dylan’s counts are after this 3 week break from continual tests. I am hoping that at some stage soon we can try and harvest some more stem cells. Cain has been having issues settling into school, but this was not unexpected. He has friends but he is struggling with the school work, or so he says. When I ask in what way is the work hard, he replies with “I don’t know, it’s just so different”. I think he really is just overwhelmed with the whole transition and really doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings. Cain’s a very smart kid and I know that the work he has is easy for him, but maybe he is just so consumed by his emotions right now he is unable to focus or concentrate on his work and then he worries about his grades, he is just putting so much pressure on himself. It’s breaking my heart but I know the decision to bring him here was the best thing long term. He agrees with me and says he wants to be here with us, but it’s just scary. I have enrolled him in the after school homework group at Ronald McDonald House where teachers will come and tutor him with his homework for 45 mins a day but so far the group has not started yet. I also got a teacher friend to help him out, and of course he still sees the Ronald McDonald House counselor who Cain likes very much, but still he is in tears some nights. Tomorrow I am going to the school to try and see the guidance counselor, maybe they can help him settle in and not “panic” so much about the school work. It’s just Cain’s nature to be anxious and worried, so I knew it would be harder for him to settle in than most kids. Just another hurdle, a day at a time, I know in my heart he will get there, it’s just sad to see, I wish I could do it for him but he must get the strength within himself to deal with his own emotions, I can only provide him with the resources of counseling, extra tutoring help to adjust to the “new” way of schooling and my hugs when he returns home from school. Money is also becoming increasing non existent with the four of us to feed, but again this was not unexpected either. Thank god Dylan is so well at the moment or I think I would crack under the pressure! The weather here is more and more like fall, the leaves are slowly changing color and we are in t-shirts and jeans, instead of tank tops and shorts. In the evenings you need a light jacket, but the sun still comes out so it’s actually “perfect” during the day. I took some photos of Dylan in Central Park yesterday, There are also some photos of Kerry, a little girl I was looking after while her mom cared for her son in hospital who also has Neuroblastoma. There are also photos for us at our friends place, Grant and Cheryl’s, over the weekend, click HERE to view.