Saturday, September 29, 2007

I owe everyone for this moment

Dylan had all his tests this week, bone marrows, CT scans, MIBG scans an urine tests. We should get the results next week on Wednesday after the team have met Tuesday afternoon to discuss the results and come up with the next “plan”. Something in my heart tells me that the results will be good, for some reason I feel extra confident that there has been some decrease in disease but at the same time I hope I am not setting myself up for disappointment. I guess because Dylan is looking and feeling so well right now, I just can’t believe he still has cancer, he really is the best he has ever been since diagnosis and it is truly amazing. Yes MSKCC have got Dylan to this point and I owe a lot of thanks to the doctors and nurses but I owe thanks mostly to every person who has donated money and hours of their time to raise money and to those who help spread the word of Dylan’s fight, it is because of YOU that Dylan is still alive and so well and it’s because of you that I get to have this moment with my son. Just yesterday as Tim and I took Dylan to hospital for his scan, I turned to Tim and said “look, can you believe what you are seeing?" Tim just smiled and said he never thought he would again. Dylan was riding his scooter to hospital, smiling, laughing and happy. It may seem such a simple thing but most hospital visits involve Dylan asleep in a stroller or wheelchair, passing by other sick children doing the same and having the sense of sadness cross you deep inside but now not only is he well enough to ride a scooter but he is riding it to his appointments with a smile from ear to ear and I didn't get that sunken heart feeling I usually feel.

Cain is doing a bit better at school, he has a wonderful homework teacher who he loves very much and helps him to deal with the very large amount of homework that New York schools send the children home with. His teachers are nice, Tim and I had a chance to meet them at the curriculum night this week. I know Cain will deal better with school as each day approaches.