Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Loneliest Road

Please Visit The Loneliest Road to support these 5 father's riding their bikes to raise funds for Hu3F8. This is basically humanized 3F8 antibodies that will potentially help many Neuroblastoma children including Dylan. The most valuable thing with this therapy is that HAMA will no longer be an issue, like in Dylan's situation. HAMA is when the body recognizes that the antibody is that of a mouse instead of a human and rejects it. Please click HERE to read more about humanizing 3F8. Many of you will know that 3F8 did clear 2 spots from Dylan's skull, so we know it works for Dylan, but he has developed a HAMA which means he cannot continue therapy to deal with the rest of the cancer that remains in his hips and pelvis until his HAMA goes away. The HAMA will go eventually but it may take many months and in the meantime we have to pray he does not have any disease progression, this is why humanizing the 3F8 is so important. As a cancer parent I think it's fantastic that these father’s are doing something in an effort to help not only their own kids but everyone else's. Please donate to "The Loneliest Road" even a small donation will be making a huge difference.