Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We have a date!

Ok time to snap out of it. The weather in New York has been raining one day then sunny the next...a bit like my emotions LOL. I am feeling better now, I think the anxiety has kicked in now that we have an official date for Tim and Cain’s arrival on 3rd August. Australian TV are interested in doing a follow up story on Dylan which will be aired on a program called “Today Tonight” so our family and friends will be able to see us reunite. We haven’t had much publicity lately and I must admit it has been a nice break from the “living your life in a fishbowl” syndrome. It will be a brief catch up story, and it will be great to show Dylan’s Aussie supporter’s how well he is doing thanks to their kind hearts and generosity. Ok, I am not allowed to get sad and emotional so enough of that! Instead I will share a funny thing that happened the other day. Dylan and I were waking to the hospital for his clinic check up and I heard these people walking by us with a familiar accent. I couldn’t help but say “is that an Aussie accent I hear?” Sure enough it was and we chatted for a short time. They said they were from Melbourne and that they lived in Yarraville…My mind instantly said 3013. Just goes to prove you can take the girl out of Australia Post but you can’t take Australia Post out of the girl LOL. Ok so maybe not the funny but my fellow Post worker's will relate and be in stitches with that one. When ever I hear suburbs I always see the postcode (zipcode) in my head, but even after 3 years of being on leave, I still know my codes! Dylan is well, his platelets were great today at 41, the highest in a long time, his hemoglobin was 10.7 which is also great. The 4th cycle of Accutane is finished and Dylan is now on his 2 week break, with weekly hospital blood work and check up. He feels great, just has some issues with his lips cracking and bleeding from the Accutane but apart from that he is good. Not sure if I mentioned but the latest HAMA test was positive…no surprise, he will be tested again in a month to see when we can resume the 3F8 therapy or if there are non-chemo agents that Dylan could possibly try to rid this HAMA.