Monday, June 25, 2007

Hershey Park & Auskick

Dylan competed his 3rd cycle of Accutane yesterday. We had clinic today for a check up and some blood work. Dylan’s Urine markers are the lowest they have EVER been since diagnosis…The results are VMA 20 and HVA 25. The next HAMA test should be next week, to see if it has gone away or at least heading in that direction to enable Dylan to continue the 3F8 therapy. The meeting with Dr Cheung was interesting, I am not great at relaying information like that, so I am not even going to attempt to explain what was discussed, instead I will direct you to Jack Brown’s website, a family here from England, because they did a great job at explaining the mini conference. Click HERE to visit Jack Browns website and visit entry Monday 25th June 2007 “Curves, maybes and an invitation” We had a great day at Hershey Park on Saturday with the RMDH. Also we have another young man at RMDH who has traveled from England for his therapy in New York, his name is George and you can visit his website HERE

On Saturday we joined the RMDH for the day trip to Hershey Park. The weather was perfect again, not too hot but nice enough to wear shorts and t-shirts. Some photos of the day are in Dylan’s “most recent photos” gallery HERE. The weather this week is really heating up, to almost 100 degrees. Tim and Cain move out of our house this weekend coming, anxiety levels are high, but I know it will have been all worth it. They will live with family until all the loose ends are tied up in Australia, then they can get their plane tickets and finally join us here in New York. We will continue to live at RMDH until it is time to return to Australia as a whole family.

A huge thank you to the enormous efforts at the Auskick fund raiser for Dylan that was done over the weekend. It brought tears to my eyes to see ho many people turned up and how much support we still have back home. I even got to see some family members in the photos and wow have the kids all grown up. My niece Jessica is so tall now! Thank you to Leanne and Kylie who I know put in so much of their time on organizing these events and thank you also for emailing me photos. Thank you also for the photos girls, I have added some to the photo gallery also. Thank you to all those who donated items and helped out on the day, including Jumping J-Jays of Carrum Downs who donated the jumping castles.

I went along to the Sunrise day camp (cancer camp) parent orientation this evening. It sounds like Dylan is going to have a wonderful time there. Dylan can’t wait to go and wants me to extend the time I have him enrolled in. This will really be the first time since diagnosis that Dylan will be in a school type environment as far as socializing with large groups of children, so this will be a fantastic opportunity for him, whilst maintaining the safety of being in a “cancer” orientated environment. In the event of medical needs they have trained nurses on site and they also have an agreement with the ambulance service that they will transport your child to their home hospital (MSKCC for Dylan). If they need to be stabilized first they will be taken to the nearest hospital and then transported to your home hospital. They also absorb all the costs of the medical care and transportation, until you get to your home hospital, thanks to their fund raising efforts throughout the year. More details can be viewed at their website HERE