Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Great news!

Great News!!! Dylan is doing very well, he started his 3rd cycle of Accutane yesterday and is feeling great. His blood counts are still borderline but still not needing any transfusions. Ok so here’s the news…Dylan’s MIBG scan result.

FINDINGS: Metastatic disease of the axial and appendicular skeleton is grossly-stable; a previously-visualized cranial focus has diminished.

No new foci of concern are evident.

IMPRESSION: Stable Metastatic disease.

So what does that mean? It means that the 2 spots in the skull have now gone! YAY we have some response! All that remains now is Dylan’s hips/pelvis and femur. Slowly but surely wins the race huh! Let’s hope so. The results of the bone marrow aspirations show 3 negative and 1 positive result in the right posterior. So it appears that the 3F8 dose escalation did work, it cleared up the spots in the skull! The only bugger now is that Dylan has a HAMA. We have to wait for the HAMA to go away before we can do another cycle, so in the meantime we will do the Accutane and hope Dylan continues to remain stable.