Thursday, May 24, 2007

Isolated from RMDH

Just a really quick update. We were discharged from hospital Sunday evening but were not able to return to Ronald McDonald House as I had suspected. We went to Long Island to stay with our friends, what angels they are! Well yesterday, we returned to Manhattan for a clinic check up, but Dylan was admitted for 48 hours of antibiotics. Tomorrow we should hopefully be released. We are unsure when we can return to RMDH, but for now Dylan is fine...just bored in hospital. His shingles have started to heal, although he has developed a cough and slight runny nose, this may be side effects of the shingles or completely unrelated.

Please pray for Penelope London's family, sadly she gained her angel wings last Saturday. Reading the journal entries on her website, I have to say it was the toughest passing I have known. I knew the family personally and I know that they tried everything possible, went to many hospitals and tried many therapies and clinical trials and I pray that somehow they can be at peace knowing they did everything they could, they certainly went above and beyond trying to find a cure.