Saturday, April 28, 2007

HAMA result is low enough YIPPEE!!!

Sorry for the delay in updating, I planned to do it Wednesday night but came down with the flu. I don’t think I have ever felt quite so sick in all my life, it was awful and scary. Thank god for my good friend Jennie who took Dylan to clinic for me Friday. I will keep this short because I still don’t feel well. On Wednesday Dr Modak told me that Dylan’s HAMA test was negative enough to start the dose escalated 3F8 therapy on May 7th. He couldn’t tell me the exact number off hand, but he said it was below 900. Yippee! So it was full steam ahead with a work up ready to enter the study. Thursday we did the urine collection, Friday was CT scan, Bone Marrows and MIBG injection and today was the MIBG scan. On Monday Dylan will have an Echo test and on Wednesday start the GMCSF injections along with an oral drug called Gabapentin. Then on Monday (May 7th) Dylan will start the first day of dose escalated 3F8. This will continue for 2 weeks, then a 3 week break followed y another 2 week cycle. Connor Gerber from South Africa started the very same study a week ago, after finishing the Beta Glucan 3F8 study. OK I do have more to fill you in on but it will have to wait until I feel a bit better. Dylan is fine, he is spending the afternoon with Grant and Cheryl.

Oh and thank you Lisa for pointing out Dylan now appears on the MSKCC website, I didn't even know! Click HERE to see Dylan with his teacher and HERE to see Dylan at Karate class.