Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Well Dylan is doing pretty good. He has not needed any blood products (transfusions) last week or this week. His platelets are not high but they are hanging in there enough to not need a boost. The latest HAMA test result came back positive…yes. He is however a borderline positive as he was when he was negative (borderline negative). This means that the difference between being positive and negative for Dylan is borderline either way. The cut off is 1000 and when Dylan was negative he was 956. Now his positive result is between 1000 – 1010. So the 3F8 trial is officially on hold and Dylan will start cycle 2 of Accutane on Monday for 2 weeks, followed by a repeat HAMA test after the cycle. He had some leg pain over the weekend, which scared me a lot, but after consulting with the team, it has been suggested that it is due to the Accutane and not disease progression.

We had a wonderful weekend, apartment and pet sitting! Dylan is so in love with Cleopatra the Egyptian Mau cat and Winston the pug dog. It is so wonderful to spend time with pets, we miss ours back home so much and being able to curl up on the couch and pat an animal while watching TV is such a treat for Dylan and I. Photos can be viewed HERE

Yesterday Dylan had a great day at the 19th Precinct. A very talented photographer came along and took some photos for St Baldricks and Dylan was able to reunite with some of the officers who shaved their heads at the event, including his buddy Jimmy who is the commanding officer. Dylan was able to attend role call, visit the detective department, visit the cells and interrogation room as well as the gym and locker rooms. He met with the bicycle police and ended the afternoon in Jimmy’s office spinning around in his chair behind his desk. Thanks to Bruce all the photos from the day can be viewed HERE

A huge thank you to Bruce Byers who is an extremely talented photographer and dedicated his time and donated his services for the St Baldricks Foundation. To view his beautiful photos visit I think you will be in awe with his gallery as I was.