Monday, October 30, 2006


Friday morning Dylan woke up with a cold. He was coughing and had a running nose and started to panic because he could feel a lump in his throat. I put a mask on his face then took off to clinic. Of course my biggest concern was that the therapy was scheduled for Monday and feared this may delay us. After examination, Dr Modak prescribed antibiotics for Dylan and did a nose swab. He had his blood tests needed for the hot 3F8 study done also. Dr Modak said that as long as Dylan has no fever and is not miserable on Monday, we will still be able to go ahead as planned. We stayed in the room at RMDH over the weekend, but last night Dylan felt great, his runny nose stopped and so did his cough. This meant that Dylan was able to participate in the Halloween activity last night. Dylan dressed as a devil and as I knew we were going to be in the hospital on Halloween I didn’t organize a costume for myself, so I decided to put my hair in pigtails, throw on my pajamas and grab a teddy bear…I was an instant little girl LOL. Other parents dressed up too, the costumes were great! We headed of to a Mexican restaurant called Maz Mezcal on 86th street, thanks to the owner and Barbara, all the RMDH families had a great time. After the party Dylan invited a little girl to play, it’s the first time I have ever seen Dylan become fond of a little girl younger than him. He absolutely loves her and keeps saying, if I could have a little sister with the same personality as her, I want one! Her name is Haley and she is adorable! Haley is staying at RMDH because she has a very rare platelet disorder which they will treat in a similar way to Leukemia. Today Dylan is in the hospital, we are isolated in Urgent Care until a room is ready for us on the pediatric floor. Dylan had a platelet transfusion to get the counts up enough to register onto the study. Tomorrow in the afternoon he will have his first dose of hot 3F8. There will be pain involved but from what the other parents tell me it is only for about 20 minutes and the pain relief medication works very well. Dylan is a little nervous about the prospect of how the pain will feel, but for the most part he is heading into the treatment with lots of confidence and knowing that it will be all worth it in the end. I have to say I am excited about starting this, I just feel like it may be what we are looking for. I will try and update after the therapy, but depending on how Dylan goes, I may not be able to update until Wednesday evening when we anticipate he will be discharged.

Thank you to Lisa and Austin for Dylan’s wonderful T-Shirt and also to Leanna & Mel for the amazing birthday gift, that I know he is going to absolutely love! I have put them both aside ready for the 10th November.

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