Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fun filled weekend - Dylan meets Dylan Lauren!

We hope you all like our Halloween theme on Dylan’s main page, Dylan loves the “Thriller” film clip and has watched it over and over on his site. Last night I even caught him dancing to it! On Friday Dylan spent the day with his friends, playing games and running around the house. I was able to get this great photo of the 4 of them on our sofa playing their Gameboys.

Dylan enjoyed a great weekend. Yesterday we went to the Big Apple Circus with the Ronald McDonald House, thanks to sponsorship by the Rachel Cooper Foundation. Dylan had a great time, the show was fantastic this year.

Today Dylan started the day making pumpkins for Halloween and also met with Dylan Lauren. Dylan is the daughter of fashion designer Ralph Lauren (you know those famous Polo shirts) Dylan’s Candy bar was named after Dylan Lauren, although Dylan thinks it was named after him! Dylan was very excited about meeting with her.

Tomorrow Dylan will start the week with a meeting at the radiation department for a simulation and also blood tests in the day clinic and a possible platelet transfusion. Tuesday Dylan has an ECHO exam in preparation for the new treatment, then hopefully we will be off clinic until Friday's blood tests and exam.