Tuesday, October 17, 2006

CT Scan today

Some good news today. Dylan and I started the day early with Dylan waking up at 7am to drink his CT contrast, then in clinic at by 7:30am for blood work, followed by a CT scan at 8am. Back up to the day clinic after the scan to see Dr Modak who said that he wanted Dylan to start on the pre medication ready for the “hot 3F8” therapy as he has moved his dates of commencement to either 31st October or the 1st November! So today Dylan started on SSKI drops 3 times a day and Liothyronine tablets to protect his thyroid from the radioactive tag component of the therapy. Later in the day Dylan had his MIBG injection ready for tomorrows MIBG scan that will be followed by an anesthetic for his bone marrow aspiration. An echo test will also be done soon, in preparation for the new therapy. The weather in New York is getting colder now and today it rained most of the day, time to get out those winter coats again. Our 2nd Halloween in New York is fast approaching, and huge pumpkins sit outside many of the stores. Thank you to Ginger, Leanna & Mel and Pre school pen pals for our Halloween cards!