Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dylan is free!

Dylan was released from hospital today YIPPEE!!! Dylan lost a tooth last night in the hospital, it bled a bit so they gave him a platelet transfusion. Dylan was bouncing off the walls when he arrived at RMDH, he was so excited to be out! You wouldn’t believe just how full of energy he is, it’s great seeing him so well. His hair has almost all fallen out, I had shaved it beforehand so there is not as much laying on the pilow each morning. I think by Tuesday it will be all gone, but he looks great and is not concerned about it. When he got back today, he jumped straight in the shower and then asked me if all the soap was out of his hair...I said "you don’t have any hair" and he laughed "Oh yeah!" On Tuesday we will return to clinic for a blood test and possibly another platelet or blood transfusion, then Friday will be the next visit after that. From here it is the recovery time until the scheduled tests next week and hot 3F8 the week after. I want to thank everyone for everything they do for us, from emotional support, financial support, signing the guestbook, sending us letters, your prayers and following Dylan’s journey with us. I have fallen behind in my thank you’s and feel terrible about it, but I am sure you all understand that things get a little on top of me at times, but please know we are eternally thankful. The recent golf day fund raising event went very well back home in Australia, thank you to all involved in making it so successful. Thank you to Leanne and Brett who have been supporting and working very hard on Dylan’s campaign since the very beginning, you’re a true angels in disguise. Thank you to both of Dylan’s chemo angels for your constant care. So what else has been going on? We did a short interview with channel seven last week which aired in Australia on the news. I participated in a walkathon with project Sunshine on the west side of Manhattan, which was great. Dylan has his teacher this week on Mon, Wed & Fri and his special education teacher on Tues & Thurs. The FM system should also be set up this week which will assist Dylan with his hearing for school. I have also applied to Miracle ears to assist us with getting hearing aids for Dylan , and I am waiting for their response. The next audiology appointment is in October. The New York Marathon is coming up again in November, there are parents, doctors, nurses and RMDH staff I know who are participating. Dylan really enjoyed watching it last year and is looking forward to cheering on again this year. Team Continuum will also be in there again and well as MSKCC Fred’s team. Diane Herbst is running in honor of Dylan. You can visit the following sites to read more:

Diane in Fred’s team

David (Justin’s dad) in Fred’s Team

Team Continuum