Wednesday, March 15, 2006

They are gone

Yes today was the day. Our last night together was wonderful. Barbara took us out for dinner and later we met up with Skye, Chris and Justine. Tim and Cain left for the airport at 3pm this afternoon, it was a very sad and teary goodbye. I was composed until I saw the boys hug each other and the tears streaming down Dylan’s face. Half an hour later Dylan went to class and his teacher did lots of art and writing with him today, which is what Dylan really enjoys. They wrote a letter to Dad, Cain and Nana and also did lots of drawings. The teacher put it all in an envelope and posted it to Australia. By dinner time, Dylan was all smiles and he ate a whole steak! He ran around happily chatting with everyone in the dining room and later played with his friends Karie and Doug. Doug has Osteosarcoma like Dylan’s friend Mike in Jersey. I occupied myself by cleaning and rearranging the room. Tomorrow is clinic then Friday is St Patrick’s day, Happy St Patty’s day everyone.